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Academic Rigor

The first job of any school district is to educate its students. I am a big proponent of academic rigor. We must continue to offer our students the highest level of academic opportunity. We must offer as many options as feasible, to meet the needs of different learners. And we must maintain or improve our test scores across the board. I also believe that RCS should do more to help advanced learners. I support implementing a gifted program to better meet those needs. I also support offering an International Baccalaureate (IB) program for high school students. At every turn, we must be looking for ways to increase academic rigor, as our children will be competing in a global world, and must have the tools and knowledge to compete.

Social/Emotional Support

I understand that in order to learn, children must feel safe, seen and valued. Thus our schools have to address more than just academics. Our children are living in a different world than when we were in school, with increased pressures and risks. It is important to offer them the emotional support they need to thrive. In conjunction with this, we need to celebrate the diversity of our students, and make sure they feel included within our school community. Likewise, those students with special needs are important to us, and we must meet their emotional, physical  and academic needs.  I believe we can provide social/emotional support for our students without sacrificing academic rigor. This is a false choice, as we can provide both academic rigor and social/emotional support.


We live in a society that has become more coarse. Disagreements are louder, and more intemperate. Sadly, this trend has affected our school board. Our meetings have become longer, less productive, and nastier. We need to lower the temperature in our community. We need to stop accusing one another, attacking each other, and casting aspersions on everyone and every action related to our district. I pledge to maintain civility on our board. I will try my best to disagree, where necessary, without being disagreeable.  We must model for our children how to have productive conversations with those who differ from us, without treating them disrespectfully. They are watching, and lately we have been letting them down.

Respecting Staff

Our staff is second to none.  The teachers and other professionals who teach our children are the backbone of our district. I respect them and trust them. I pledge to do all I can to ensure they have everything they need to do their job well, from adequate resources to effective curriculum to the wages and benefits they so richly deserve.  We live in a time of increasing disrespect for our teachers. I believe we need to loudly and proudly support our educators. We ask them to do so much for our children, that we owe them our unqualified support.

Respecting Parents

Parents are their children's first teachers. They also love their children beyond measure. They should be partners with the school district, each respecting and reinforcing each other. I would look for ways for parents to feel more included in their child's education. I would respect parents who have questions or concerns. And I would never forget that parents are integral to the education of the students in our district.

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