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Jayson Blake

Preparing our students for the future

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Jayson with his son Sawyer and their dog Roxie.

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Preparing our students

for the future!

I am running to retain my seat for a 6-year term on the Rochester Community Schools Board of Education. We have an excellent school system that is rated amongst the top in the state. Our teachers and staff are the best in the business. But we live in a fast-changing world and our students must compete on a global stage. What is top-notch today may be uncompetitive in a few short years. That is why I am seeking a full term on the Board, to ensure our kids are continuing to receive a world-class education, and our District continues to innovate and educate ALL students, meeting their educational needs and ensuring their social-emotional well-being. We can have BOTH academic rigor and social-emotional learning. We do not need to choose one or the other! 

I have also noticed something else since joining the Board. There is a disturbing lack of civility present on our Board of Education. Differing viewpoints are a good thing, but constant suspicion and accusations directed at our administration, teachers and community members have gone too far. We need people on the Board who respect our educators, community members, parents and students. That is the kind of Board member I have strived to be, and will continue to be if I am elected to a full term. We owe it to our children to model civility and professionalism on our Board of Education. 



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